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How to Create A Bridal or Wish Registry

Bitterroot Bit and Spur is pleased to provide you with an online registry service for weddings or other occasions. Using the system is quite simple. 

  1. First create an account so the computer knows who you are!
    • If you are creating a registry for someone else you must log out, register an account for them, and then proceed signed into their account.
    • If you already have an account, then simply sign in.
  2. Now that you are logged in, just start shopping. At each product eligible for the registry there is a button to "Add to Cart" and another to "Add to Wish List."
  3. Instead of adding the item to the shopping cart click the Wish List button and the process to create a Registry begins. 
  4. You will now be prompted to set up the registry
  5. For a Wedding Registry, be sure to include name of both bride and groom in the Title as this will create search terms so guests from both sides can find you
  6. Set the date of your wedding as the expiration date.
  7. Enter your address, phone number and save.
  8. Now all your wish list items will save to your registry.

 Advertise Your Registry

Once you have filled your registry with the items you want from the store, then it's time to let your guests know. The easiest and most effective method is to send everyone an email. To save them time send them a direct link to your directory.


How To Purchase from a Bridal or Wish Registry

It is easy for guests to make a purchase from someone's registry.

  1. Search for the person by name
  2. Add items from the registry to your cart
  3. and check out like normal.


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